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Art's Way X700 Material Spreader

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X700 Material Spreader
The X Series provides new features to a time-tested manure spreader.  Flared sides, guillotine style slop gate, heavy duty chain that holds a limited life-time warranty, and densilite flooring are a few of the things you will notice on what we believe to be the leading spreader in the industry. Rotating at 420 rpm, the vertical beaters of the X700 spreader distribute manure evenly and consistently over the field. The large 18 ft. box holds 683 cubic ft. of material.

Uniform Unload
The guillotine slop gate provides for uniform unloading of peaked loads. It is hydraulically controlled with driver selectable positioning. (Slop gate positioning is determined by the material being spread.)
Why Do You Need Flared Sides?
45º degree flared sides allow for increased capacity without purchasing a larger box. This provides a backdrop for easy loading with a bucket at a low 92 inches. Haul more material at a faster rate than a standard straight box.
Versatile Components
Designed to use both manure and forage with removable beaters. The same sprockets, chain, materials are used on both the X700 and X900 models. Wear parts are painted black to install seamlessly with your X Series or V Series spreader.
Beater Protection
The reversible apron on the X700 is very convenient when something other than manure comes in contact with the beaters. The double apron boasts dual drive, variable speed and 667XH pintle chain on the X700 that is protected by our Limited Lifetime Warranty. With one of the highest tinsel strength options available today, you can expect a long life from your chain.
Model dimensions
Inside Box
Length 18 ft.
Width 6 ft.
Height 5 ft.
Capacity  Cu. ft. heaped  683
Flared Sides 92″ Load Height
Standard features
Floor material 1/2 in. Densilite Floor
Slop Gate Guillotine Style
Reversible apron Yes
Apron chain  667XH w/ Tube Slats
Pintle/Clevis hitch  Yes
Dual worm gear drive  Yes
Axles  Tandem axle
Tires 16.00R-20 20 ply
Constant velocity PTO Optional
Vertical beaters 2 – 38 in.
LED Light Kit 7 Pin
Power requirements
Tractor (minimum HP) 120-150
Scale Indicators
  • Digistar GT400 Indicator for weight read out.
  • Digistar NT460 Indicator with GPS record documentation
  • 1-3/8 x 21 spline with or without C-V
  • 1-3/4 x 20 spline with or without C-V
Flotation Tires
  • Add 660/65R 22.5 flotation tires for less field compaction and lower load height
Hardened Beater Teeth Kit
  • Field Installed for extra life of your machine
X700 Material Spreader
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Art's Way