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Art's Way 6812D Sugar Beet Harvester

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Advanced design of Art’s Way 6812D Sugar Beet Harvester boosts capacity and increases beet retention.

Design engineers have improved the crop retention of the Art’s Way 6812D Sugar Beet Harvester. The 6812D features improved barriers in the harvesting head. The hinged barriers allow the sugar beets to flow onto the rollers but prevent them from rolling back and dropping out of the head. The smaller double conveyor chains have been replaced with a single wider chain carrying more beets into the second set of rollers. The single chain eliminates an area that was prone to plugging with dirt and debris. The combination of these two improvements keeps the harvesting head cleaner while boosting capacity and flow.
The best cleaning capability on the market.

The 6812D Harvester provides several stages for superior cleaning to include conveyor rolls, 60 in. frameless transfer chain bed, 4 pairs of 10 ft. parallel grab rolls and a ferris wheel elevator.  The new lighter weight retainer has been incorporated into the ferris wheel design making space adjustment between the retainer and the ferris wheel easier to accommodate the beet size of your harvest. There are no complex valve and control box on the harvester.

The Art’s Way 6812D Sugar Beet Harvester is unique among its class, a complete reinvention of the harvesting machine. We started with an innovative modular design, in which the lifting heads and ferris wheel can be changed to meet your specific harvesting needs.  Choose from 8 rows with 22 to 30 inch row spacing or the 12 row, 22 inch spacing, all offering the best capacity and cleaning on the market today. Because the Art’s Way 6812D Sugar Beet Harvester is simply the best on the market. No other model boasts the same quality and flexibility when it comes to meeting your needs in the field.

Plan for a successful harvest with the 6812D Sugar Beet Harvester running in tandem with the 9016BT High Dump Cart and 1222HS High Speed Defoliator.

Hydraulic oil cooler

Tank mounted oil cooler with auto reversing fan.

Heavy duty strut

Made of 5/16 in. material, the struts provide improved rotation with spindle compensation for optimum placement. Available with standard or cushion flex.

Grab roll bed

The grab roll bed contains 4 pair (8 rolls) with single point adjustment on front and rear. Individual cushions for rock protection.

Outboard mounted hydraulic row finder

This design provides the operator excellent visibility and ease of adjustment.

Conveyor rolls

Sugar beets move smoothly over a 4 roll conveyor with 7/8 in. diameter spiral that is fully adjustable. Maximum pull is provided with dual 5 band 5V drive belt on wide heads. (Rear grab roll optional shown)

Paddle shaft

Adjustable heavy rubber paddles and pivoting barriers keep beets in the machine.

Tires and axles

Large high flotation 25.5 x 32 or optional 30.5 x 32 tires with 4 1/2 in. spindles reduce compaction and ease of pull. Available with fixed, steerable or leveling axles.

Frameless short transfer conveyor

The 60 in. wide chain greatly reduces mud build-up.

Hydraulically controlled unloading elevator and transfer elevator

Unloading ElevatorOperating on a 42 in. belted chain and hydraulically controlled from the tractor cab, the unloading elevator operates from 8 to 13 feet.

Transfer Elevator

Hydraulically positioned to reduce beet drop and completely fill tank. Operator controlled. 42 in. belted chain with 1 in. risers.

 Optional features
  • Fixed or flex struts
  • Choice of steerable or fixed carrier wheels
  • Choice of smooth or star #1 roll
  • Tractor operated hydraulic row finder
  • Lifter wheel close-ups
  • Wheel elevator flap kit

Tractor requirements   150-280 HP minimum
PTO   1000 RPM-CV 1 3/4-20

Center conveyor   60 in. belted chain
Transfer elevator   42 in. belted chain
Truck elevator   42 in. belted chain

Grab rolls   4 pair – single point adjust (optional flex cushion)

Hydraulic row finder   adjustable
Tank size   9000 lbs.
Tread width   adjustable
Tires   24.5 x 32 – 12 ply
Lifter wheels   28 in. cast alloy steel

Dimensions: w/o lifter heads
width/outside tire   15 ft. 1 in.
height   13 ft. 11 in.
length 30 in. 10 in.

Dimensions: lifter head width
8R22   16 ft. 2 in.
8R30   21 ft. 5 in.
12R22   24 ft. 1 in.

Weight w/12row 22 head    42,450 lbs.

8 row  2 heads 22 in.
8 row  3 heads 28-30 in.
12 row  1 head 22 in.


6812D Sugar Beet Harvester
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