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Art's Way High Dump Cart 9016-BT

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9016-BT High Dump Cart designed to boost efficiency during the beet harvest.

The 9016-BT wheel base is set so the tires can run through the field without damaging unlifted beets.  The 15-inch wide tires, centered on 132 inches, straddle six rows of beets.  The cart features a large, 20-ton capacity and can be easily set to dump to the left or right side.  When combined, these features allow the 9016-BT to be pulled alongside the harvester when opening and dump back to the left when full.  This allows the harvester to run at a much more continuous pace, greatly reducing the amount of lost time.

The walking tandem is designed with 20 degree of total rotation for smooth transport over uneven terrain.  The cart is available with a scale system that includes a Wi-Fi antenna.  The Wi-Fi antenna allows the harvester operator to instantly monitor the load from any smart device.  This feature is very helpful when trying to maximize truck loads.

In addition to sugar beets, the high dump cart can also be used for edible beans, peanuts, forage, cotton, corn and soybeans.

Walking tandem design reduces downtime.

Straddling over 6 rows of beets, the 15 in. wide tires are centered over 132 inches.  This allows the cart to travel alongside the harvester when opening without damaging unlifted beets. The harvester can run at a more continuous pace reducing down time.

Easily converts to LH or RH dump.

A reversible hitch makes it easy to change from right hand to left hand dump as needed to accommodate harvester movement. The heavy duty, height adjustable, pivoting 2-inch bull-pull hitch and three-position telescoping tongue provides stable and smooth transport.

Impressive capacities

The 16 ft. box length has a capacity struck of 930 cu. ft. and a rated load capacity of 40,000 lbs.

Wide stance stability

The high dump cart has a massive undercarriage, a wide stance and counterweight for maximum stability. Tread width 132 in.

Slaved cylinder elevator raises loads evenly

9016BT features master and slave cylinders to raise their loads uniformly without need for straightening cables and pulleys. With this system, the large 5 inch master and 4 inch slave cylinders require less oil.

Scale system is standard equipment

Complete with a WiFi antenna, the scale system allows the harvester operator to maximize load efficiency.

Rugged all-steel construction

Smooth steel box sides reinforced with internal bracing
High-strength heavy duty construction throughout
Large capacity hydraulics with 5 inch master and 4 inch slave cylinders
Massive greaseable hinges (box to elevator) for added strength
Heavy duty running gear designed for high load capacity

Length of box:  16 ft.

Capacity struck:  930 cu. ft.

Rated load capacity:  40,000 lbs.

Lip clearance: 7-13 ft.

Pivot height:  9-15 ft.

Axle clearance: 20 in.

Height (low side):  11 ft.
Height (high side):  12 ft. 4 in.

Tread width:  132 in.

Lift cylinders: 5 in. and 4 in. Master Slave
Tilt cylinders: 4 in. parallel

Recommended min. flow: 15 GPM
Dump cycle time @ 15 GPM: Approx. 90 sec
Dump cycle time @ 20 GPM: Approx. 20 sec


High Dump Cart 9016-BT
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