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Ferris - Voyager FS5250 Ride-On Spreader/Sprayer

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The Voyager FS5250 provides 20% more productivity than current industry units due to a larger footprint, more liquid and granular capacity and 12' of spray coverage. This added productivity provides up to an additional $800 per day in revenue. The pivoting front axle and low center of gravity provide excellent performance on sloping terrain, allowing your operators to spend more time riding the unit versus treating areas on foot.

Sale Type
Ferris Mowers
Rear Tires
24 x 12 - 12
Speed (mph)
Spray Pump
9.2 gpm roller pump
Spray Width
4', 8' or 12'
Front Tires
16 x 8.5 - 8
Engine Brand
Vanguard® V-Twin
Model Number
Accessories Warranty
Standard: 1 Year Rental: 90 Days
Dry Weight - Lbs (kg)
1,406 (637.7)
Variable Spread Width
3' to 25'
Power Rating (gross Hp)
Full Weight - Lbs (kg)
2,600 (1,179.3)
Fuel Capacity - Gal (L)
9 (34.1)
Overall Width - In. (cm)
61 (154.9)
Overall Height - In. (cm)
50 (127)
Overall Length - In. (cm)
79 (200.6)
Spreader Hopper Capacity (lbs.)
Sprayer Tank Capacity - Gal (L)
80 (302.8)
Liquid Coverage Per Fill - Sq.ft. (acres)
320,000 (7.35)
Granular Coverage Per Fill - Sq.ft. (acres)
62,500 (1.43)
Belts, Tires, Brake Pads, Hoses, Battery Warranty
Standard: 90 Days Rental: 90 Days

Ferris Voyager FS5250 Ride On Spreader/Sprayer 12 Feet of Spray Coverage

Six spray nozzles supplied by direct controllable independent hoses provide consistent spray tip volume and eliminates spikes and unequal tip pressure during operation. Plus, the 75-foot hose reel allows the applicator to treat hard to reach areas on foot.

Ferris Voyager FS5250 Ride On Spreader/Sprayer Industry-Leading Capacity

The Voyager offers 80 gallons of liquid capacity, 250 pounds of granular capacity and molded side pockets to carry an additional 100 pounds of granular material for an additional 200,000 sq.ft. of coverage per day over other units.

Ferris Voyager FS5250 Ride On Spreader/Sprayer Pivoting Front Axle

Ensures that all four wheels hold their contact with terrain for a smoother ride while maintaining more consistent ground to nozzle distance in uneven terrain.

Ferris Voyager FS5250 Ride On Spreader/Sprayer Iso-Mounted Operator Platform

Cushions rough terrain for enhanced operator comfort and is positioned directly over the drive wheels. This improves the vehicle's center of gravity and reduces operator acceleration during turning for a more comfortable driving experience.

Ferris Voyager FS5250 Ride On Spreader/Sprayer Three-Section Breakaway Boom

Two outward folding boom sections can be released from the operator platform and feature bi-directional breakaway to prevent boom damage.

Ferris Voyager FS5250 Ride On Spreader/Sprayer 100% Stainless Steel Frame

Resists rust and corrosion from chemicals.