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MK Martin Meteor Loader Mount

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Meteor Loader Mount
The loader mount Meteor is the ideal snow blower package for owners of small tractors equipped with loader arms. The package includes a self contained PTO driven power pack to drive the hydraulics required by the snow blower.

The power pack holds up to 30 gallons and runs 2500 PSI at 30 gallons per minute. Minimum horse power requirement is 40.


Meteor Loader Mount
Sale Type
MK Martin
Auger Drive
Fan Diameter
Cutting Width

MK Martin Meteor Loader Mount High Tensile Steel Ribbon Flighting
To deliver even the heaviest wet snow to the awaiting fan, Meteor Snow Blowers use machine formed hand welded augers made with high tensile steel ribbon flighting to provide strength and durability for years to come.

MK Martin Meteor Loader Mount Five Blade Fan
All Meteor Snow Blowers now feature a standard 5 blade fan. The five blades not only evacuate high volumes of snow quickly, but also feature tighter tolerance to the housing increasing velocity of the snow exiting the chute.

MK Martin Meteor Loader Mount Manual Deflector
All Meteor Snow Blowers come with a manual pin style deflector allowing a true set it and forget approach to blowing snow.

MK Martin Meteor Loader Mount Skid Shoes
Meteor Snow Blowers come equipped with adjustable skid shoes extending the life of the cutting edge and helping to protect surfaces from damage commonly associated with snow removal.

MK Martin Meteor Loader Mount Manual Rotator
Manual rotators are standard on SB48, SB54, and SB60 single auger models and can be optionally outfitted on most models where operators can safely reach the adjustment handle.

MK Martin Meteor Loader Mount Hydraulic Rotator
The optional hydraulic rotator is the ideal upgrade for tractors with cabs or for contractors/property managers needing to make frequent adjustments.

Hydraulic rotators are standard equipment on SB97D, SB108D, and SB120D models.


MK Martin Meteor Loader Mount Electric Rotator
When hydraulic power isn't available the 12V electric rotator provides a hands off approach to chute rotation.

MK Martin Meteor Loader Mount Hydraulic Deflector
Hydraulic deflectors control the distance and arc of the thrown snow and are an available option on all models.

MK Martin Meteor Loader Mount Multi-Hinged Deflector
The optional multi-hinged deflector is available for most models and allows increased precision in where snow is blown allowing snow to be placed closer to the blower or into a truck to be hauled away.

MK Martin Meteor Loader Mount 1000 RPM PTO Kit
Available for the SB97D, SB108D, and the SB120D models, this kit allows the PTO of larger tractors to run at 1000 RPM without damaging the standard 540 RPM gearbox. The 1000 RPM Kit also raises the input shaft to allow the PTO shaft to run at a lesser angle on larger tractors increasing the efficiency and life of the driveline components.

meteor loader mount specifications





Recommended HP

40-60HP 40-60HP 40-60HP

Cutting Width

8,000 LBS. 8,000 LBS. 8,000 LBS.

Cutting Edge

3/8" x 3" 3/8" x 3" 3/8" x 3"

Skid Shoes

3/8" x 1-1/2" 3/8" x 1-1/2" 3/8" x 1-1/2"

Auger Flighting

3-1/2" OD 3-1/2" OD 3-1/2" OD

Auger Diameter

19" 19" 19"

Roller Chain

#60 #60 #60

Hitch Plate

Quick-tach Quick-tach Quick-tach

Chute Rotation

Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic

Chute Diameter

12" 12" 12"

Main Body Height

31" 31" 31"

Chute Deflector

Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic

Fan Diameter

26" 26" 26"

Fan Depth

8" 8" 8"

Auger Drive

Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic

Fan Drive

Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic

Weight (LBS.) *

970 1,015 1,065